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The Power of Silence: Unlocking Your Intuitive Voice

In the constant buzz of our daily lives, where every moment is filled with noise, notifications, and demands for our attention, the concept of silence has become a rare luxury. Yet, it is within this very silence that the subtle, guiding voice of our intuition becomes most audible. As we step into March’s theme of […]

S4E10: Embracing the Quiet: Tuning Into Your Inner Silence

In this week's episode of 'Peaceful Wellness with Deb,' titled 'Embracing the Quiet: Tuning Into Your Inner Silence,' we embark on a profound journey to the heart of our intuitive self. As the first installment of our March series, 'Intuitive Awakening,' we delve into the transformative power of silence—a sanctuary where our inner wisdom speaks […]

Day 1: Grounding & Centering | Intuitive Awakening Series

Welcome to the first day of our “Intuitive Awakening” meditation series. Today, we begin with grounding and centering – essential practices for our journey. Grounding connects us to the Earth, fostering a sense of stability and safety. It’s the…

Celebrating You: Embracing Self-Love Through Recognition and Nurture

As we journey through the final week of February, our theme shifts towards a celebration of the self. It’s a time to reflect on our achievements, recognize our growth, and nurture our being with love and gratitude. In a world that often pushes us towards constant improvement, taking a moment to pause and appreciate how […]

S4E9: Heart Activation Sound and Energy Healing

Immerse yourself in the transformative frequencies of 'Heart Activation Sound and Energy Healing,' a special episode brought to you by 'Peaceful Wellness with Deb.' This unique session is designed to open, balance, and rejuvenate your heart chakra, tapping into the profound healing powers of sound and energy work. Experience a harmonious blend of crystal singing […]

Setting Boundaries for Self-Care: The Path to True Well-being

As we navigate through the month of love and self-discovery, Week 3 brings us to a crucial aspect of self-love that often goes overlooked: setting boundaries for self-care. In a world that constantly demands our attention and energy, learning to set healthy boundaries is not just an act of self-preservation but a profound expression of […]

S4E8: Honoring Yourself: Setting Boundaries for Self-Care

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with this week’s transformative episode. Early in the session, join Deb for a deeply nurturing guided meditation designed to help you recognize and honor your personal boundaries, setting the stage for insightful discussions and practical exercises that follow. This episode delves into the essential practice of setting […]

Awakening the Heart Chakra: A Journey to Love and Healing

In this post, we dive deeper into the Heart Chakra, exploring its connection to love and healing. Included is a guided meditation designed to harmonize this vital energy center. In the tapestry of our energetic body, the heart chakra, or Anahata, in Sanskrit, emerges as a vital force, bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Located […]