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Get to know our diverse team of practitioners dedicated
to your well-being. Our experts are here to support your holistic journey
to inner peace and vibrant health.

Services are available both in Madison and Online.

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Kirsten offers 20% off her Reiki sessions, now just $60, down from $75. Contact Kirsten directly.
Deb is giving a 20% discount on most of her private sessions, excluding private group sound baths. Use Code JUNE2024 at checkout to save on the following options, also available for future booking:
  • Sound Healing Treatment (60 min)
  • Sound Nap (30 min)
  • Aromatherapy Personalized Consultation (2-30 min sessions + product)
  • Serenity Healing Retreat (2 hours)
  • Medicine Buddha Reiki & Sound Healing (60 min)
  • Spiritual or Inner Wisdom Coaching (30 or 60 min)
  • And other sessions including the Infrared Crystal Mat!

Offer valid until 6/30. Book now!
deb sq

Deb Phelps, Founder

Private Sessions with Deb are available for:

  • Sound Energy Healing
  • Mindfulness & Spiritual Coaching
  • Medicine Buddha Reiki with Sound Healing
  • Meditation Instruction & Mentoring
  • Sound Healing Mentoring
  • Aromatherapy Personal Services
  • Amethyst Far Infrared Heat Mat Therapy
  • And more Deep Relaxation sessions available

Available at the Madison Studio 
and also Online.

Gift Certificates for Sessions with Deb


Kirsten Severeid

Reiki Sessions with Kirsten are available to help you balance, harmonize and be healthy. 

  • Reiki Energy with Healing Sound & Aromatherapy

  • Harmonic Healing with Reiki and Sound Healing with Deb

Available at Madison Studio



Mourning Dove Wochos

Self Love Inner Journeys 
are available to help you access and nurture your Self. 

  • Self Love and Inner Journeys
  • Guided Self Love Ritual
  • Reiki Energy with Healing Sound
  • Self Love & Inner Work Guidance
  • Accessible Yoga & Sacred Movement
  • Nervous System Nurturing

Available at Madison Studio


Sarah Giencke

Sessions in Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises.
TRE® is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. 

Available at Madison Studio and also Online.

Available Services

Gift Certificates are available directly with each practitioner. 

Sound Energy Healing Sessions Or
Singing Bowl Mentoring

Reiki Sessions

Self Love Inner Journeys With Reiki, Sacred Movement And Inner Work Guidance

Mindfulness Coaching
Meditation Mentoring
Spiritual Guidance Session​

Amethyst Far Infrared Heat Mat Therapy

Deep Relaxation

Harmonic Healing Sessions with Two Practitioners: Sound Energy Healing Practitioner and Reiki Healer














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