Peaceful Wellness Studio

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Experience the Energies of the Summer Solstice Sound Bath
Dive into our Summer Solstice Sound Bath, a session that captures the vibrant energy and abundant light of the longest day of the year. Listen to the soothing sounds of sun-tuned crystal singing bowls, gongs, and Koshi chimes, alongside a unique energy-clearing ritual with Tibetan singing bowls used for chakra balancing. This recording offers not just a glimpse into the harmonious atmosphere of our gathering but also brings the serene vibes of our community directly to you. Let these resonant tones inspire peace and rejuvenation. Join us in spirit, and perhaps be inspired to participate in a future session. Recorded live June 22nd, 2024 at Peaceful Wellness Studio in Madison, Wisconsin

Synchronize with the rhythm of nature and shift beautifully from the season of rebirth to the season of action.

Today, we embark on a guided sound bath meditation to connect with the essence of the Summer Solstice and explore the themes of growth, transformation, abundance, and the power of light.