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Embark on a 70-minute journey that combines the art of sound energy healing, meditation, and aromatherapy, led by Deb Phelps. This deeply rejuvenating session is designed to align your body and mind, fostering a profound connection with your heart:

  • Experience the resonance of metal Tibetan singing bowls, a heart chakra crystal singing bowl, and monochord vibrations, promoting deep cellular harmony.
  • Enjoy a unique floating bowl technique that elevates vibrations from head to toe, with singing bowls placed around and beneath the massage table for an immersive experience.
  • Be enveloped by calming soundscapes created by gongs, guiding you into a state of tranquil auditory bliss.
  • Receive a pink quartz crystal heart stone, infused with energy healing, as a keepsake, alongside an aromatherapy essential oil roll-on crafted for the Heart Chakra.
  • The session concludes with dark chocolate and a personalized affirmation, leaving you uplifted and empowered.

Step into the “Heart Harmony” Sound Journey with Deb Phelps and allow the transformative power of sound, energy healing, and aromatherapy to guide you towards inner peace and heartfelt connection.

Purchase your session below and Deb will contact you to set up a day and time for your special session!

Available at the Madison Studio.

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