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Yoga Nidra = yogic sleep

Good for: Those that have trouble letting go or struggle with sleep, trauma, anxiety & depression. Healing & restoration happens in a the state between wakefulness and sleep

Mindfulness + vipassana + metta

Good for: Practicing see things as they are. Being in silence, working with emotions, nonjudgment of thoughts, pursuing deeper interconnectedness, and directing well-wishes of loving-kindness toward other living beings, starting with oneself.

Visualization = form a mental picture

Good for: Visualization is good for those who want to be guided to relax through imagery. It typically uses all the senses to invoke serenity.

Mantra + Chakra = quiet spiritual power

Good for: Mantra is good for inducing a state of calm and peace. accessing the depths of meditation. Chakra is good for visual, creative and active spiritual seekers. Each of the 7 chakras are brought into balance & well-being.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a passive form of meditation that allows participants to effortlessly enter a meditative state through the immersive experience of listening to soothing sounds and vibrations. This approach bypasses the need for active mental focus, offering a relaxing and accessible path to deep relaxation and mindfulness.

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